1. Small scale holiday resort in the Achterhoek
  2. Near Deventer (30 min drive)
  3. Luxury holiday homes for 2 to 4 people

Holiday home near Deventer

What could be better than spending your holiday at Deventer? This hospitable Hanseatic city is beautifully situated on the IJssel river and has a long history. Discover what Deventer has to offer during your stay at Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg. At our holiday resort in the Achterhoek, you will stay in a holiday home near Deventer (30 minutes by car) which can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. The holiday homes are equipped with plenty of luxury and are always located on the waterfront or on the edge of the forest. Thanks to the small scale of our resort, as well as the space and privacy around the holiday homes, you will experience a relaxing atmosphere in a natural environment. Experience it for yourself at Holiday Resort De Lochemse Berg and book a holiday home near Deventer.

Holiday homes near Deventer(2)


Lodge Mistique - 3 people

Gelderland, Lochem
  • Wi–Fi
  • Forest location
  • Water location
  • Own parking place

Lodge Grand Modern - 4 people

Gelderland, Lochem
  • Dishwasher
  • Wi–Fi
  • Washer Dryer combination

Rent a cottage near Deventer

Your holiday home near Deventer is fully equipped. Thanks to the modern and stylish interior, you will soon feel at home. Your spacious living room has a comfortable sitting area, a television, and a dining table. From the living room you open the sliding doors to the spacious waterfront garden with garden furniture. You can fully relax and destress during your holiday in the Achterhoek. The open kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher and microwave, so feel free to prepare a sumptuous meal. There are two bedrooms with comfortable beds and you will find a shower, sink and toilet in the bathroom. In short: everything you need for a carefree holiday When will you be renting a cottage in Deventer?

Your holiday home near Deventer

➤ Luxury lodges for up to 4 people
➤ Located on the waterfront or in the forest
➤ 2 bedrooms
➤ Spacious garden overlooking the water
➤ Beautiful and modern interior


Activities during your holiday

Would you like to enjoy some nice day trips in the surrounding area during your holiday at our holiday resort near Deventer? Then we are happy to provide you with some tips! From your holiday home near Deventer, you can reach many beautiful nature reserves in a few minutes. Grab your bike or put on your hiking boots and visit the Lochemse Berg or the Paaschberg. Of course, you will find more than just nature here. Indeed, there are also many castles and estates such as the Ampsen Castle and Estate and Vorden Castle. A visit to the city of Deventer should of course not be missed either. Deventer has over 500 historic buildings, churches, and museums. There are also two special neighborhoods that are well worth a visit: the Noorderbergkwartier and Bergkwartier. Other cities nearby that you can visit are Zutphen and Holten. Discover it all from your cottage near Deventer!

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